No Southern Accent Performs New Single Live in Studio

The local a cappella group No Southern Accent dropped their third studio album, Permanent Address, in October.  They stopped by the GHQ studio shortly after its release to perform the song “Home” live on air for us. We also interviewed the president, Maddie Crowley, and the communications director/arranger, Myles Lopez. 

Fill in the Blank: The Restaurant I Wish We Had on Campus is _____________

All throughout campus here at the University of Florida, we have many choices for our food needs and you could definitely say we have something here for everyone.

narin_nonthamand we actually? And if not, what are we missing?

A recent e-mail sent out to students, faculty, and staff of the University asked everyone to keep an eye out for a survey that will be sent out to everyone to gather information on the campus dining experience. It stated that it is to better meet the needs of the campus population, and the future population.

I think this idea is AWESOME, and when you get the survey you should definitely take the time to fill it out. The University of Florida is looking for your input, so why not fill them in on what you think when you have the chance?

However, we thought we would take a jumpstart on this and do our own informal survey. So we'll ask you to fill in this blank...


We already have plenty of Starbucks, and you can go to Wendy's, Chik-Fil-A, Au Bon Pain, and many other food options. But we know that there is one missing, so what is it?

Check out the choices below. You can either choose one of them, or write in your own option in the "OTHER" line below. Plus you can choose up to three options, because we know we are all foodies and love to have options.

So, how would YOU fill in the blank?

Vote for the 5 Best Places for French Fries in Gainesville

When a restaurant can hit a home run with a delicious, juicy's amazing.

If that restaurant serves up a great milkshake to wash it all down, it's even better.

However, for many of us, that restaurant will only succeed in getting us to return if their French fries are the perfect compliment. Luckily, we have many establishments that offer great fries which make us want to keep coming back for more.

But which restaurants throughout the city make you want to keep going back, even if you have that 50 page term paper due the next day?

Take a look at our poll below and let us know the three locations that you think have the best fries in the city of Gainesville. We'll follow up with a story in two weeks once we have all of the votes tallied!

Viral Video Star Gets Admitted to UF

"Why is this happening to me!"

How many times have you said that after a tough exam or rough night in Midtown, Gators? It's the same feeling this seven-year old had after recovering from dental work and a heavy dose of anesthesia.

David DeVore rose to internet stardom after his dad posted the video "David after the Dentist". Ten years and 138 million views later, David is now a Gator.

GHQ's Matt Duffy and Abby Murphy interviewed the internet sensation on the show "A+M in the A.M.", where he said he's ready to redefine himself and start fresh.

Abby Murphy and Matt Duffy from GHQ interview David DeVore

Q: So you’ve just been accepted to a Top Ten Public University...arguably the best school in the are you feeling?!

A: Yeah, I’m really excited that I got in.

Q: I saw in ‘David after the Dentist’ that you were wearing a UF shirt...have you been a fan your whole life?

A: I’ve been a Gator fan because I had family on my dad’s side go there. Since they’ve always been Gator fans, naturally I became one too.

Q: Did your internet fame into your admissions essay at all?

A: I used the video to talk about the fact that so far in life...all I’ve accomplished is being ‘David after the Dentist’. While I am very proud and blessed by that, I want to be known for more and to do more. I also talked about how UF is the perfect place to give me the tools to do that.

Q: Have you chosen a major? What made you choose it?

A: Computer Sciences. I actually built my own computer once.

Q: Where does one learn how to build a computer on their own?

A: I learned on YouTube.

Q: So you went from being a Youtube Star to learning how to build your own computers- very cool. Are you looking to get involved with anything on campus?

A: I’m sure once I get here I’ll find more things that I want to do, but for right now I’m just thinking about trying out for the lacrosse team.

Q: It won’t be long before you start here as a full-time student, what are you most excited about when it comes to being a gator?

A: I’m just excited about the next chapter in my life and I’m excited to be a part of UF! I’ve always been a fan so I’m excited to finally be a part of it.

Congratulations to the class of 2023! We're excited to have you all on campus next year.

Five Best Burger Joints in Gainesville

Gainesville has a vast array of choices for all of us Gator foodies around campus.

Have a craving for some Thai cuisine? There are plenty of offerings throughout the city for that.

Need a slice of pizza to get you through your studying session? There's no shortage of stops throughout the area.

However, one of the biggest cravings most people have are for a delicious BURGER. Whether you like yours with just cheese and the usual toppings, or think on the wild side and look for something different on your burger, you have plenty of options to go through.

But when it comes to the best burgers in town, who can truly say that their recipe reigns supreme? That's the question we are asking today, to all of Gator Nation...what are the five best burger restaurants in the entire city?

Over the next week, let us know in the poll below of who you would choose as the five burger restaurants that are MUST to eat at when you have that craving. On Wednesday, February 11th, we'll tell you the results of who Gator Nation chooses as their five best burger restaurants in Gainesville!