Women Across America Celebrating "JanuHAIRY"

Men across America have "No Shave November", and now ladies across the country have their own month to let it all grow non-stop. "JanuHAIRY" is here, and it's all for a great cause.

Ladies across campus and Gainesville...ever felt like you'd be looked at weird if you grew out your armpit hair and the hair on your legs? Well don't worry anymore. "JanuHAIRY" is here and it's all in an effort to truly showcase your beauty. How's it work? Simply, women are being asked to refrain from shaving for the entire month of January. Why are you being asked to do this? The intent of the entire campaign is for women to be the best version of themselves and to "rock their own brand of gorgeous". Many women have already started sharing their progress after one week on social media, with many people cheering them on to show support. Even though we are already one week into "JanuHAIRY", would you be willing to start right now?

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