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Moby Rich talks evolution from Open Mic to Main Stage

Moby Rich is changing the world of pop, one self-deprecating joke at a time. The songwriting-producing duo was recently signed to Universal’s Republic Records, and are now smack-dab in the middle of their US tour. GHQ’s Allison Barkdull and Fede Psevoznik sat down with them earlier this week to talk …

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Quality Control Music’s Layton Greene Talks Struggle and Success

At 20 years old, Layton Greene has seen more than her fair share of adversity. Today, she’s converted that struggle into success. Greene is one of the newest signees to Quality Control Music, the Atlanta-based label behind Migos, Lil Baby and Lil Yachty. The Illinois native is the first R&B …

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1 Night with Dominic Fike: Concert Review

Dominic Fike at the Orpheum Tampa 9/12

Several UF students remember a time when Dominic Fike was just the cool kid in high school. They grew up with him in Naples and watched his spot in the Florida Soundcloud scene explode into a $4 million deal with Columbia Records. Last semester GHQ chanced his track 3 Nights …

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