Meet The Driptones!

Xander Boggs (keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist), Zach Gerbi (bassist, vocalist) and Collin Fitzgerald (lead guitarist) met in high school in Space Coast Florida. The trio formed a band there after playing together in the pit orchestra for their school’s productions.

They then brought their connection up to Gainesville, where they met Tripp Jones (drums) through UF. From there, they formed Driptones (which is a spoonerism of Tripp’s name) in September 2019 and began playing around Gainesville. They have now played at events like TEDxUF and Dance Marathon.

Their upcoming release, titled “Getaway”, will be their fifth song on streaming platforms. The material is based on slowly finding out who you are as you grow up. It’s a indie alternative rock vibe and will be available to stream June 18th!

New Song Recommendations to Broaden Your Music Taste

Photo by Travis Yewell on Unsplash

Do you often find yourself listening to the same few songs over and over and wish you could find new music to add to your playlists? I’ve curated a small sample of songs that I think you’ll enjoy if you like the following artists:

If You Like: Ariana Grande

Photo by Roger Harris on Unsplash

For starters, if you like Ariana as a whole, I definitely think that you will enjoy Chloe x Halle’s “Don’t Make It Harder On Me”

Hardcore Arianators might recognize Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx, both being longtime Ariana collaborators that share a similar vibe in their music. 

You might have heard Monet’s “Monopoly” featuring Ariana Grande already, but if you’re a Positions stan, check out Victoria Monet’s “Experience” featuring Khalid and SG Lewis. 

Parx worked with Ariana to make hits like “7 rings”, “thank u, next”, and “34+35”. If you enjoy these absolute bops, you need to listen to Tayla Parx’s “I Want You”.

If you enjoy Ariana’s R&B-influenced pop sound, you’ll love iyla’s “Naked Girl”.

Just here for the vibes? Give a listen to Tei Shi’s “Even If It Hurts” featuring Blood Orange.

For a catchy, unapologetic banger with big thank u, next energy, check out FLETCHER’s “Bitter” featuring Kito. 

If You Like: Taylor Swift

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Have you been going back and forth between folklore and evermore for the past few months? Give Samia’s “Triptych” a listen. 

Are you a fan of old Taylor music? Do you also like HAIM? Then you might like Waxahatchee’s “Lilacs” too. 

For a more Lover and indie pop vibe, I would go for Maude Latour’s “One More Weekend” and spill tab’s “Name

If you’re looking for a sad girl anthem that might come with tears included, listen to Sasha Sloan’s “House With No Mirrors”. 

If You Like: Harry Styles

Photo by Rachel Coyne on Unsplash

If you’re not a fan already, I’m sure you’ll love Declan McKenna. In terms of sound, I think his music is the closest you can get to Harry’s. Check out Declan McKenna’s “You Better Believe!!!

You might already be familiar with Jack Antonoff, A.K.A. the mastermind and frequent collaborator of Taylor Swift, Lorde, Lana del Rey, etc. If you haven’t already, check out Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better”. 

If you like songs like “Golden” and “Lights Up”, check out Rina Sawayama’s “Love Me 4 Me”.

For a similar sound from a local band, listen to Flipturn’s “August”. 

For a Kiwi-like explosive and energetic song, check out The Wrecks’ “Freaking Out”.

Finally, if you’re a Harry stan, I definitely recommend you look into The Regrettes’ “Pumpkin”. 

Are You An OG TikTok Fan?

Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

Seven years ago, an app called Musically appeared on the social media scene. Sadly, people thought the app was a joke and it failed. But then, three years later, the creators decided to take another shot with the app TikTok. It was not until 2018 when the app was recognized. At first, people made fun of the users and the idea of the app. Personally, I took so many insults that I had to hide the fact that I used it. After making fun of others for using it, many people then downloaded TikTok just to make fun of it. However, they unknowingly slipped into its addiction.

If you know at least 13 of these sounds and what their story is, you are an OG. If you score 4, then you are a newbie! If you score something in between, you were late to the band wagon. Good luck!

“Us Users Are Talented”- Melanie

Remember when TikTok was first discovered? People made fun of the idea. However, it takes a lot of skill to make a quality video!

"Betty Boop” (Original Mix)- Bang the House

Erik Wakeham was one of the first people to go viral in TikTok. His videos started trends and began the journey to new ideas.


#duet with @ericwakeham i don’t know why i love this sound so much but i do #foryou #canada

♬ Betty Boop (Original Mix) - BANG THE HOUSE

DubaDubaDu– Lina

One of the classic sounds.


The most pointless vid ever😂

♬ DubaDubaDu~ - L I N A

Repeating Hallway– Chelsaurus

Ah, the classic “Repeating Hallway.” I once attempted re-making this video. It did okay, but not well enough to go viral. Just remember, magic is in the air!


“Is this some kind of repeating hallway?” #replier #sendhelp #rip

♬ Repeating Hallway - 🦕CHELSAURUS🦕

Intro III - NF

What I believe to be one of the first duets where people reacted with another video.

You sure you wanna do this?– Martina

You’re in for a surprise for this meme. It never gets old!

Honking Challenge- Suleman Realtor - DXB

Do you think if I did this in Gainesville… would I get a response? Or would I just end up with an egged car?

Give It A Big Smile- gsonnosg

Oh, yes. Timing is everything!


This took me way to many times to do #cheese #foryou #meme #why

♬ Give it a big smile - gsonnosg

original sound- TTbby

This was when the weird ones were ready to show the world who they were!


like YAH (haha i need a HOBBY :’)) #feature #tiktok #lol #foryou

♬ original sound - TTbby😍👅

AlterxBoy Original Sound- Alterxboy

The challenge that only wizards could do.

Follow me please- Brooke

Of course we have the same man from Vine making his way through TikTok. Don’t get confused!


My teacher almost had a heart attack #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Follow me please - Brooke

Vibe for this year- Joseph Fagundes

I think we can all agree this sound can describe many things. But you always feel happier after listening!


i’m gonna regret posting this and also now i have a concussion #foryou #fyp #foryoupage

♬ vibe for this year - joseph fagundes

What’s Poppin- Jack Harlow

This is where things started to get a little 2020 when the newer members hopped on the app. I call it “the tipping point.”

Interior Crocodile Alligator- Chip the Rapper

Honestly, I never understood this sound. But it was hilarious in every video I saw it in.


my sleep schedule has officially been DESTROYED

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator - Chip Tha Ripper

The Throwback Challenge

The newbies should definitely get this one. It might be the only one you can get. Why? People are running out of ideas.


This was a wide range of songs and have no clue how they are grouped together lol #fyp #foryou #Welcome2021 #RareAesthetic #singalong #laugh #music

♬ original sound - mak????

How did you do?

"Nobody is Listening" to Zayn and It's About Time They Start

By: Nicholas Palmer

Moving away from his sophomore album, Zayn Malik has never felt both further away from his time in One Direction and closer to a style all his own. In his third studio album, Nobody is Listening, Zayn brings together some of the closest personal elements of his life into a construction of artistry that he's not done before. Being described as such, Zayn had total creative liberty throughout the entire album, from lyrics all the way to the album artwork. The album has its ups and its downs, but what it does best throughout it is share the soul of Zayn in the way that an artist could not have done any better.

In his album, Zayn gives a personal touch to his music that gives a real connection between the message and the melody. In Nobody is Listening, he plays upon the perception of fans who never listen to celebrities’ real voices in which they talk about their grief and pain beyond the façade of the mysticism of fame. Throughout the album, Zayn deals with topics such as his anxiety, past eating disorder, his use of cannabis as a calming agent and his relationship with Gigi Hadid. For fans, this album speaks as a reflection of the artist himself and a true connection between Zayn and his audience. And, just as with the single “Vibez,” sometimes you have to just not be afraid to be yourself. Because in the end, nobody is even truly listening.

Personal highlights of the album come from the single “Better,” along with the tracks “When Love’s Around” and “Sweat.” “Better,” the first of the two singles, gives the first taste of the album’s main musical stylistic elements of R&B, pop, and maybe even a little soul. Harkening to almost an emotional ballad of sorts, with underlying lyrics hinting to his relationship with Gigi Hadid, this serves as a representation of the type of artistry present throughout.

“When Love’s Around” includes one of the two feature artists included on this album, Syd, with Devlin providing great moments as well in “Windowsill.” WLA is a song that has some of the most interesting instrumental moments of the whole album with keyboards, synths, drums and guitars all combining beautifully. As well, Syd’s vocals in harmonization with Zayn’s creates some of the most powerfully emotional melodies you will hear from Zayn yet.

For “Sweat,” its message of physical love is consistent with other parts of the album, however, the vocals and harmony are perhaps Zayn at his best. The elongated vowels that split up the chorus bring the passion reflected in the lyrics, creating a piece that is as powerful in text as it is sonically.

That is not to say that there are not some elements that do not detract from the album on the whole. One thing that I have seen criticism of Zayn over is his lack of proper enunciation, with mumbling often being described in his singing style. As well, this album does not do him any favors in combating that criticism, although it does have its charm at times. While the lack of big instrumentation may be reflective of the message and title of the album itself, it is unfortunate a couple more larger production pieces could not have been included. This would have helped to break some of the repetition and similarity that took place from time to time.

Ultimately, I find this album to be almost transitional in nature for Zayn. A piece that feels so distant from his past performance nature but also gives just a taste of his best qualities, Zayn feels right at the moment to create a truly sensational piece of music in the coming years. While it is likely that this album will not perform as great as many fans may hope for, the talent and direction of Nobody is Listening is interesting for Zayn. With this album being so closely personal for him, he makes it evident that he’ll keep on singing even if there’s nobody left to listen.

Sara's Bachelorette Review

The 2020 Bachelorette Recap

By: Sara Dastgerdi

Tuesday, October 13th was the premiere of season 16 of The Bachelorette. Clare Crawley is the leading lady, but she definitely isn't a new face in the bachelor franchise. She debuted in Juan Pablo Galavis’ season and made it to the top 2. She was also featured on Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor in Paradise Again, as well as Bachelor Winter Games with no luck. Fun fact, she is also the oldest bachelorette in bachelor history at 39, but is back with full confidence that she’ll find her husband this time around.

The season premiere was actually supposed to air months ago, but was postponed to now because of the Covid pandemic. All contestants flew to California where they were tested and quarantined to ensure a safe season. They are all living in a La Quinta resort corona free with no access to outside contacts so they can freely communicate and experience all the season has to offer.


The creative intros are always my favorite part of the show, especially since everyone had been quarantined for months on end prior to this. They finally had the ability to have human interaction as well as physical contact upon meeting Clare, which many of them were just excited to finally hug another person. Some of the more notable entrances were: Ed arriving in a bubble with a play on quarantine, Jay in a straitjacket because he was crazy in love, and Demar in a parachute. However, viewers could tell Dale had a special place in Clare’s heart from the get go. He ultimately ended up receiving the first impression rose.

On to the legendary cocktail party. Clare mixed and mingled with a few guys before, of course, drama emerged. Tyler C. claimed fellow contestant Yosef was messaging other women from Tyler’s town and was not there for the right reasons. Clare had to step in and Yosef ended up denying the claim. Clare was not going to let this bump in the road affect her happiness this season, so she brushed it off and continued to mingle.

Blake was another contestant that stood out in Clare's mind. Apparently, he messaged her during quarantine, which is against the rules to have prior contact. She applauded him for his boldness and they shared the first kiss of the season.

The rose ceremony was hard for Clare because she was unable to meet every contestant. Despite that, she sent Tyler C., Jordan M., Robby, Page, Mike, AJ, Chris, and Jeremy home, with 23 men still remaining.

The second episode had just as much drama. It started out with the first group date, which featured Riley, Ivan, Bennett, Jordan, Yosef, Ben, Zach J, Zach C, and of course, her personal favorite... Dale.

She decided on doing a date centered around the love languages. Up first was words of affirmations and with this one she lived out every girls fantasy. Clare stood in a princess tower while attractive men went one by one as they graced her with their words of affirmation. The second part to this was that the men had to go to their rooms and gift Clare with something of value to them and explain their choice. Next was physical touch, where she was blindfolded, while hugging and touching each contestant. Finally, it really started heating up during the quality time portion of the event, which was a cocktail party. There was an awkward silence where no man tried to take Clare away right at the start, but Bennett took initiative. Clare was visibly upset by this and couldn’t even focus on her one on one time with Bennett, which ultimately made Clare march right back up to the group of men and lecture them.

"I really couldn't concentrate and focus on talking with [Bennett] because I'm a little bit taken aback. I'm sitting here, I made a toast, and then there was the longest awkward silence and I just sat here and was embarrassed. Does anybody want to spend time with me?"

There was a trail of sorries matched with more awkwardness and talk of wanting bro time. Sorry, but the bachelorette is neither the time or place for brotherhood. Aren't they supposed to be competing against each other? Anyway, Riley ended up receiving the group rose.

Clare selected former pro football player Jason for the one on one date. It was honestly a real nice concept for a date. She had him write a letter to his past self and she did the same. They opened up, were vulnerable, and even let it all out by screaming into the night. I think they learned a lot about each other and it even resulted in Jason receiving a rose, as well as a kiss.

Now this is where the conflict starts. The second group date involved a game of dodgeball with a twist Clare added. Everytime a team lost they had to strip an article of clothing and the winning team was awarded an after party with Clare. The teams were divided by the colors red and blue. They ended up playing four games until ultimately blue took the loss. The blue team took their walk of shame like pros, but there was one sore loser. Blake actually interrupted the red after party to take Clare away, which caused a huge altercation between the red team who won the time with Clare fair and square. Clare still ended up awarding him with a rose for being bold yet again, which I thought was kind of weird. Chasen got the group rose.

Another thing that happened in this episode was Brandon being sent home, for a pretty hysterical reason too. She finally had one on one time with him and he told her he was so excited to be a part of this season when he found out she was going to be the bachelorette. She was flattered, asking what he liked so much about her and he literally couldn't answer. Like he could have said anything.

On to week three……

Remember Yosef? Well he calls Clare out this episode. He explained that the strip dodgeball game from the prior episode was immature and a “classless display”. He even went as far as to say he was “ashamed to be associated with [Clare].” This of course got a reaction out of her and just like that another contestant was gone.

Clare gets a special visit from former bachelorette DeAnna Stagliano. She was so excited to talk to someone that understands this experience and process, but she ends up on the topic of Dale the whole time. I mean who's really surprised?

Speaking of Dale, he was definitely the most hated contestant this episode.To kick off the group date, he explained that he was only going to steal Clare for five minutes, which to the other guys dismay turned into an hour. This resulted in the other guys not having adequate time with the bachelorette and to make matters worse, he had the audacity to steal her again from poor Jay. Can you give the other guys a chance please?

Chasen swooped in and interrupted the love birds. When Dale returned to the other men, they ripped him a new one before Dale got the group rose. Zach J got the one-on-one this week, but honestly I just feel bad for anyone that's not Dale at this point. Clare and Zach hit the spa, where Zach got his first ever pedicure. Multiple times she mentioned how much she wanted  Dale to be there during her interviews. I also had the worst second hand embarrassment. They both hung out at the pool and as Clare was leaving to get ready for their dinner date, she went in for a kiss, but somehow noticed that Zach was pulling away, which he claimed he wasn't. He tried to pull her back in but this rattled her. She didn't show up for dinner and he was sent home.

In my opinion, the best part of the entire season so far was this second group date, which was a comedy roast where they were encouraged to roast someone in the house. Of course, everyone came for Dale. It was absolutely hilarious, but someone that didn't appreciate the comedy gold was the women of the hour. She ends up not giving out a rose because they flamed her man.

The preview of the next episode was shocking. The guys were shown packing up their things, Chris Harrison was explaining that this has never happened before, Clare is crying, and Tayshia Adams emerges from the water. New bachelorette?

Catch more of the drama every Tuesday on ABC.

The Mandalorian is Back On Disney+

"This is the way", again.

The Mandalorian is back on Disney+ as Mando continues to protect and accompany the Child (Baby Yoda) back to his people. Along the way he runs into some not so friendly characters from the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian has been a hit for Disney as well as with many Star Wars longtime fans, including those who did not like the recent movie sequels. Check out the trailer for season two:

Original "James Bond" Sean Connery Dies at 90

Plenty of Hollywood celebrities honored the memory of actor Sean Connery who passed away Saturday at the age of 90. Connery is best known as the original, and many maintain the best, James Bond. The veteran actor passed away after a long illness in the Bahamas.

Let's have another look at "Bond...James Bond" the way no other actor could seem to do it.

New on GHQ: Drake "Laugh Now, Cry Later"

Drake is back with "Laugh Now, Cry Later" and you can hear it on GHQ.

This is the lead single featuring Drake and Lil Durk for the highly anticipated album "Certified Lover Boy" which will land in January 2021.

An Interview with Republic Records' Anthony Flammia

Anthony Flammia is a beacon of hope whose music attempts to spark inspiration in each of his listeners; Republic Records caught wind of his music and message, and signed him to a recording contract last year.

His track "My Life," off his brand new EP "Find Love" is blowing up, and GHQ hosts Annick Joseph and Fede Psevoznik got a chance to sit down with him and talk about how he got his start, how his past shaped his music, and how he plans to use his position for good. Check out the exclusive interview with Anthony Flammia below.

Disney to Reboot "Home Alone" and More for Disney+

When the Disney+ streaming service launches they plan on bringing out all the big guns.

The House of Mouse has just announced that "Home Alone," "Night At The Museum," and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" will be rebooted when the streaming service launches.

Disney+ will also have original content and classic content.
The service launches on November 12.

Do you plan on getting Disney+ when it launches? What do you think about Disney giving these movies the reboot treatment?