It's a Great Day to Go to Mid(terms)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, it’s that beautiful part of the semester again when getting a spot at Library West becomes a game of survival of the fittest and the wails of Physics 1 students can be heard clear across campus. Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you love being fearful of your grade? It’s so invigorating. Okay, but really, we all know that midterms suck. It’s an unfortunate part of university life, especially if you’ve spent a good portion of said university life at Midtown rather than Turlington lecture. Even for the best student, though, midterm season can be stressful and overwhelming. Finding tricks to reduce that stress is critical. Below is a list of four things I use to keep my head on my shoulders during this trying time. Hopefully, they’ll help you too.

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Find Your Study Space

Y’all, it’s time to get out of the dorm. Theoretically, studying at home is a good idea. You can control the space and it's where you’re most comfortable. However, spending one more night hunched over your faux-wood desk in a plastic seat trying to study by the dim light of the desk lamp you bought from Ikea isn’t going to help much. Finding your ideal study space is a way to be more productive and feel better at the same time. This can take many forms, the most obvious of which is a library. Heads up: we have more than Library West and Marston on campus. Love Harry Potter? Smathers has your back. Maybe you want to make your work feel more official? Go to the law library. If a library doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. I have a friend that takes up residence in an empty Turlington classroom every midterm and finals season. She swears by it. Personally, I enjoy working outside, particularly if it's a nice day outside. Murphree Area has a fantastic courtyard to work in, and places like Depot Park provide a change of environment without getting too far off campus.

Time Out

I’m serious about getting out of the dorm or apartment. It can be a good place to be, but it can also be isolating. It’s beneficial to relocate -- and not just for studying. Taking time for yourself is a great way to manage stress. You don’t have to go and get lost in the wilderness an hour away and become one with nature; in fact, you don’t even have to leave campus. UF provides plenty of opportunities to give your mind a break. For example, the Reitz offers leisure courses. These classes give students an opportunity to learn a new skill, like learning how to make pasta from scratch, without having to worry about a grade. If you do want to get off campus, Gainesville has numerous opportunities to get away from the pressure of academic life. Free yoga is offered in Bo Diddley Plaza every Tuesday and Thursday, from six to seven in the evening. There’s also multiple nature trails throughout town, if you actually do want to get lost in the woods. Whatever you choose, just rest assured that you are helping yourself in the long run.

Keep Everything in Context

Do you remember that science test you had in high school, the one you were super nervous for and were scared to death of failing? Yeah, me neither. Turns out, we’ve had a lot of exams up to this point in life. At the time, each test seemed like a crucial moment in our life -- our destiny was dependent upon that. Looking back, though, we don’t really remember every single test. Believe it or not, college is like that too. It’s important to us now, and will not significantly impact the rest of our lives. Midterms are simply an obstacle on the road to graduation. It’s important to get through, but not life altering. If you do great, that’s fantastic! If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. There is always a chance at redemption. Years down the road, you’ll barely remember the two hours spent in Carleton Auditorium. It is in your life, but it is not your whole life.

Play Tetris

This is a metaphor. I don’t actually mean play the video game, just hear me out. Life is a game of Tetris. School work is an L block, sleep is an I block, socializing is a on and so forth. If you don’t line things up correctly, it builds up. Eventually, they reach the top of the screen and you get overwhelmed. However, if all the pieces are assembled correctly, the line goes down, and so does your stress level. I try to make the pieces fit together by writing everything I need or want to do down. I prefer my planner, but that is an extremely recent development. Like, last semester recent. It doesn’t even have to be organized by date or time. Just writing it down with a pen and piece of printer paper can help keep you on track. Plus, crossing stuff off is ridiculously satisfying. I’ll be honest--sometimes I’ll finish a task just so I can cross it off. If the digital environment is more your speed, programs like Google Calendar can help. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but give it a try. Maybe writing down your assignment will keep you from another night of eating Ben and Jerry’s straight out of the pint.

Take a deep breath. It’s all going to work out. Good luck, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Dance Marathon at UF's Transform Today

Dance Marathon at UF is probably one of the most well-known events on campus. And "Transform Today" is also probably their most well known fundraising effort. I got the chance to interview two Dance Marathon people on-air today, and here's how it went.

From left to right: Megan Freedman, Public Relations Overall, and Morgan Hill, Marketing Manager

Listen to the interview here.

Or, read the interview below:

Julia: Good morning! I am here today with some very special guests. We have people from Dance Marathon, Morgan Hill the marketing manager and Megan Freedman the public relations overall. So they're going to talk today about what Transform Today is, what Dance Marathon is; the whole thing. So, what is Dance Marathon for people who don't know?

Megan: Dance Marathon at UF is a student-run philanthropy, and we try to raise funds and awareness for the pediatric patients at UF Health Shands Children's Hospital. It's Gainesville's local Miracle Network Hospital. So, DM at UF has year-long efforts eventually culminating in our main 26.2 hour event in March where over 800 students stand as dancers and remain awake and on their feet for that whole 26.2 hours to symbolize fighting for the hardships that these families face every day.

Julia: Nice! And then, what is Transform Today specifically?

Morgan: So each fall we have a big fundraising push called Transform Today, and it's also 26.2 hours like our main event. So it started at 8 a.m. this morning and it goes till 10:12 a.m. tomorrow. And every member of our movement, from captains and leaders to dancers and ambassadors spread all across the UF campus and community to spread our cause. Hopefully we'll raise $650,000.

Julia: Is that your goal because it was that last year, is that your goal every year?

Morgan: Last year our goal was $600,000, and we raised $626,000, so this year our goal is $650,000.

Julia: And then what are the different activities happening where people can donate?

Morgan: So to donate, you can either donate on, or if you know a specific person you'd like to donate to, then you can search their name and find their individual fundraising page. Or, you can just donate in general. There are also students in polos canning all across campus at Plaza of the Americas, Broward Dining, Reitz Breezway, Gator Dining, and that's it actually. And then you can also visit our hospitality nights at Hurricane BTW, Bento, and Chick-fil-A by The Standard.

Julia: Nice, nice. And at hospitality nights what do you have to do?

Megan: You just say that you're for DM at UF, and a portion of the proceeds from your meal will go to our Transform Today fundraising total. So it's super easy.

Julia: And then it lasts for 26.2 hours, you said? So, that's all happening today, and then tomorrow you guys are canning again. How does it all culminate?

Megan: It goes until 10:12 a.m. tomorrow, so we'll have breakfast at Plaza of the Americas at 9:30 a.m. and we'll count down to the end of Transform Today from about 10 to 10:12 a.m. Tomorrow night, actually, at 5 p.m., we have our Halloween event. It's where a bunch of our miracle families will come to celebrate Halloween with us, and there are so many fun activities, from food, to haunted houses, and more fun stuff. And at 6:30 p.m. will be our Transform Today fundraising total reveal.

Morgan: Moralloween is at Flavet Field, by the way.

Julia: Cool! When did you guys first get involved with Dance Marathon? What drove you to it and everything?

Morgan: I actually got involved with Dance Marathon when I was in high school. Some students from UF came down and presented at my high school and my best friend and I actually started a mini marathon, which is the version of the Dance Marathon at a high school. I did that my junior and senior year at my high school, and when I came to UF I was an emerging leader, then a captain, and an assistant director for the public relations team. Now here I am in my senior year.

Julia: Aw, nice.

Megan: I actually didn't know about Dance Marathon until I came to college. I danced my freshman year, which was such an amazing experience. From then on, I knew I wanted to get more involved throughout the years so I applied to be a public relations captain my sophomore year, and then I was assistant director for PR last year. This year I'm the overall director for public relations. It's been an amazing four years, and I'm so excited for today.

Julia: I love that. And then, just one more quick question. What's the most impactful experience you guys have had with DM?

Megan: I think it's just every moment we get to spend with our miracle families. They're just the most inspiring, resilient people I've ever met. They're all so unique and have such incredible stories to share. And yet through their hardships they're so positive and have so much hope and joy. It just really makes you take a look at your life and just want to give back more.

Julia: I really love that. So, to recap, Dance Marathon's Transform Today is happening, and anytime you see someone in a polo with a can you can donate. Or, you can go to Bento...

Morgan: Chick-fil-A, or Hurricane BTW by The Standard.

Julia: Yup! And when is the actual Dance Marathon happening again?

Morgan: March 28th and 29th 2020.

Julia: Cool. And if you guys wanna follow them on social media, go ahead plug it.

Morgan: Our Instagram is @DMATUF , and our Facebook is .

Julia: Cool! Thank you guys so much for being here!

Morgan & Megan: Yeah, thank you!

GHQ at Gator Volleyball

Thanks for coming out to Exactech Arena before Tuesday's Gator Volleyball match against Florida State!

The Gators had a great night, shutting out the Seminoles 3-0. We always appreciate it when you stop by and see us before the match.

Join GHQ Before Gator Volleyball

GHQ will be playing tunes for you outside Gate 1 of Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center Tuesday night starting around 4:30P.

It's all to get warmed up for the Gators to take on Florida State starting at 6. We will have prize packs to give away on site as well.

Come out, support Gator Volleyball and spend a little time with us before the match!

GHQ G-Team: Here's Who Leads the Team and Who's On-Air!

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Gators to NFL Players?

Go watch this free event to witness history in the making.

Tomorrow at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium from 8:30 am to 11 am is the place to be. The Florida Gators football players that are eligible for the NFL draft will be working out to prove their worth to make it on to a professional team. The event is open to the public, and many NFL scouts and coaches will be present to watch our players. Find out more info on

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Fill in the Blank: The Restaurant I Wish We Had on Campus is _____________

All throughout campus here at the University of Florida, we have many choices for our food needs and you could definitely say we have something here for everyone.

narin_nonthamand we actually? And if not, what are we missing?

A recent e-mail sent out to students, faculty, and staff of the University asked everyone to keep an eye out for a survey that will be sent out to everyone to gather information on the campus dining experience. It stated that it is to better meet the needs of the campus population, and the future population.

I think this idea is AWESOME, and when you get the survey you should definitely take the time to fill it out. The University of Florida is looking for your input, so why not fill them in on what you think when you have the chance?

However, we thought we would take a jumpstart on this and do our own informal survey. So we'll ask you to fill in this blank...


We already have plenty of Starbucks, and you can go to Wendy's, Chik-Fil-A, Au Bon Pain, and many other food options. But we know that there is one missing, so what is it?

Check out the choices below. You can either choose one of them, or write in your own option in the "OTHER" line below. Plus you can choose up to three options, because we know we are all foodies and love to have options.

So, how would YOU fill in the blank?

Several UF grad schools rise in ranks ⬆

UF made significant rises in law and business in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2020 rankings on graduate schools.

In fact, there are eight more programs in the Top 30 than two years ago. Graduate rankings are important to U.F. because it can draw in faculty and graduate students, as well as validate the university’s progress. In total, the university has 28 programs ranked in the top 30 of their category (that's 98.3% in perspective), eight more than two years ago. Of those, seven are in the top 10 (70%) of their category and 17 are in the top 20 (85%).

The Independent Florida Alligator was used as the primary source for this story. More information is available using the link above.

Gator Nation Giving Day is Tuesday - Stand Up & Holler!

GHQ is proud to be part of the University of Florida's Stand Up & Holler: Gator Nation Giving Day which is happening on Tuesday, February 26th! Now you may be asking, "what is Gator Nation Giving Day"? It's where we call on University of Florida alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and families and friends to come together to support UF and all of its areas of positive impact in our state, nation, and world!

It happens all day on Tuesday, February 26th...from 12 a.m. EST - 11:59 p.m. PST.

Remember that every gift goes a long way in helping us with Gator Nation Giving Day. One of the greatest parts of your gift is that you can direct it to the program that means the most to you. You could also direct it to the school, a department, research initiative, or a campus activity.

What matters the most out of the day is that every Gator gives and becomes part of UF's positive impact on our community, country, and world.

If you'd like to make a gift to Gator Nation Giving Day on February 26th, visit the UF Giving Day website on Tuesday to make your contribution. It's that easy!

Plus don't forget to let all of your friends and family know that they can also make their gifts by tagging #AllForTheGators in your social media posts supporting the day.

From all of us at GHQ, THANK YOU for making an impact on Gator Nation Giving Day...and "Stand Up and Holler" for all the great things that lay ahead for our university!


Posted by University of Florida on Tuesday, 29 January 2019

UF internally investigates misuse of funding

A whistleblower alleged that approximately 3 million dollars went towards clearing acres of land for Greek housing lots and the Center of Outdoor and Recreation Education building.

The Gainesville Sun was used as the primary source for this story. More information is available using the link above.