Meet The Driptones!

Xander Boggs (keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist), Zach Gerbi (bassist, vocalist) and Collin Fitzgerald (lead guitarist) met in high school in Space Coast Florida. The trio formed a band there after playing together in the pit orchestra for their schoolโ€™s productions.

They then brought their connection up to Gainesville, where they met Tripp Jones (drums) through UF. From there, they formed Driptones (which is a spoonerism of Trippโ€™s name) in September 2019 and began playing around Gainesville. They have now played at events like TEDxUF and Dance Marathon.

Their upcoming release, titled โ€œGetawayโ€, will be their fifth song on streaming platforms. The material is based on slowly finding out who you are as you grow up. Itโ€™s a indie alternative rock vibe and will be available to stream June 18th!