Are You An OG TikTok Fan?

Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

Seven years ago, an app called Musically appeared on the social media scene. Sadly, people thought the app was a joke and it failed. But then, three years later, the creators decided to take another shot with the app TikTok. It was not until 2018 when the app was recognized. At first, people made fun of the users and the idea of the app. Personally, I took so many insults that I had to hide the fact that I used it. After making fun of others for using it, many people then downloaded TikTok just to make fun of it. However, they unknowingly slipped into its addiction.

If you know at least 13 of these sounds and what their story is, you are an OG. If you score 4, then you are a newbie! If you score something in between, you were late to the band wagon. Good luck!

“Us Users Are Talented”- Melanie

Remember when TikTok was first discovered? People made fun of the idea. However, it takes a lot of skill to make a quality video!

“Betty Boop” (Original Mix)- Bang the House

Erik Wakeham was one of the first people to go viral in TikTok. His videos started trends and began the journey to new ideas.

DubaDubaDu– Lina

One of the classic sounds.

Repeating Hallway– Chelsaurus

Ah, the classic “Repeating Hallway.” I once attempted re-making this video. It did okay, but not well enough to go viral. Just remember, magic is in the air!

Intro III – NF

What I believe to be one of the first duets where people reacted with another video.

You sure you wanna do this?– Martina

You’re in for a surprise for this meme. It never gets old!

Honking Challenge- Suleman Realtor – DXB

Do you think if I did this in Gainesville… would I get a response? Or would I just end up with an egged car?

Give It A Big Smile- gsonnosg

Oh, yes. Timing is everything!

original sound- TTbby

This was when the weird ones were ready to show the world who they were!

AlterxBoy Original Sound- Alterxboy

The challenge that only wizards could do.

Follow me please- Brooke

Of course we have the same man from Vine making his way through TikTok. Don’t get confused!

Vibe for this year- Joseph Fagundes

I think we can all agree this sound can describe many things. But you always feel happier after listening!

What’s Poppin- Jack Harlow

This is where things started to get a little 2020 when the newer members hopped on the app. I call it “the tipping point.”

Interior Crocodile Alligator- Chip the Rapper

Honestly, I never understood this sound. But it was hilarious in every video I saw it in.

The Throwback Challenge

The newbies should definitely get this one. It might be the only one you can get. Why? People are running out of ideas.

How did you do?