Viral Video Star Gets Admitted to UF

“Why is this happening to me!”

How many times have you said that after a tough exam or rough night in Midtown, Gators? It’s the same feeling this seven-year old had after recovering from dental work and a heavy dose of anesthesia.

David DeVore rose to internet stardom after his dad posted the video “David after the Dentist”. Ten years and 138 million views later, David is now a Gator.

GHQ’s Matt Duffy and Abby Murphy interviewed the internet sensation on the show “A+M in the A.M.”, where he said he’s ready to redefine himself and start fresh.

Abby Murphy and Matt Duffy from GHQ interview David DeVore

Q: So you’ve just been accepted to a Top Ten Public University…arguably the best school in the are you feeling?!

A: Yeah, I’m really excited that I got in.

Q: I saw in ‘David after the Dentist’ that you were wearing a UF shirt…have you been a fan your whole life?

A: I’ve been a Gator fan because I had family on my dad’s side go there. Since they’ve always been Gator fans, naturally I became one too.

Q: Did your internet fame into your admissions essay at all?

A: I used the video to talk about the fact that so far in life…all I’ve accomplished is being ‘David after the Dentist’. While I am very proud and blessed by that, I want to be known for more and to do more. I also talked about how UF is the perfect place to give me the tools to do that.

Q: Have you chosen a major? What made you choose it?

A: Computer Sciences. I actually built my own computer once.

Q: Where does one learn how to build a computer on their own?

A: I learned on YouTube.

Q: So you went from being a Youtube Star to learning how to build your own computers- very cool. Are you looking to get involved with anything on campus?

A: I’m sure once I get here I’ll find more things that I want to do, but for right now I’m just thinking about trying out for the lacrosse team.

Q: It won’t be long before you start here as a full-time student, what are you most excited about when it comes to being a gator?

A: I’m just excited about the next chapter in my life and I’m excited to be a part of UF! I’ve always been a fan so I’m excited to finally be a part of it.

Congratulations to the class of 2023! We’re excited to have you all on campus next year.